Now offering Permanent Jewelry!

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What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is chain jewelry (bracelets, anklets, necklaces, etc) that is custom fit and welded to itself using a small link that matches the chain. 

Nothing is embedded into or attached to your skin. I use a small pulse-arc micro welder, which takes just a few minutes to complete! 

Does it hurt?

NO! The spark that is created doesn't create heat, just a bright light. If you have a lot of hair in the area (guys' wrists for example) sometimes you'll smell burned hair but there is no heat. 

100% painless, guaranteed.

What if I need to remove it?

Your jewelry will stay on until you're ready to remove it. This is fine jewelry, so no need to remove it for TSA, etc. If you have an MRI or another medical procedure, the welded link is easily cut with fingernail clippers. As long as the chain is intact, re-welding is no problem!

Your first re-weld is free. After that it's just $10

Why is Permanent Jewelry so popular?

~ Everyone is so busy. This is an easy way to leave the house looking polished on the daily!

~ Do you have tiny wrists or perhaps larger wrists? With conventional jewelry it can be hard to get a comfortable fit, this is custom fit to your body.

~ An endless chain can represent a bond of love, friendship, or to remember a loved one who is missed. 

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Sterling Silver will last 2-3 years

Gold Filled will last 2-5 years

14k will last 15+ years

*pricing subject to change as market prices fluctuate.

Before I started learning about permanent jewelry, I didn't know the difference between gold PLATE, gold VERMEIL, and gold FILLED. 

Gold plate and vermeil are a microscopic layer of gold that is electrically bonded to a base metal. It's about 1/10 the width of a human hair! No wonder it rubs off in a few weeks. Gold filled is much thicker, as you can see in the graphic above. It will keep its luster for a few years, so it's a good option for those who can't afford 14k. 

We are available for private events and popups!

~ Ladies Night or a Sip 'n Shop event. Bridal shower, Sorority events, Galentines, Bachelorette, Customer Appreciation- you name it!

~ I offer special pricing for events and you can qualify for free jewelry, ask me how!

I can coordinate with other vendors too... chair massage, boutique clothing, let's party!

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