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First of all- Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out my site!

My goal is to provide exceptional services in a cozy, intimate setting. My background is in aesthetics but I also love doing permanent/semi-permanent cosmetics! Whether you’re here to get a facial, a chemical peel, a lash lift, or for permanent brows, lips, or eyeliner- know that I take your health and safety into account first and foremost but I'm also deeply committed to your comfort and privacy. 

When you are in my treatment room, I want you to feel that it's a safe space and a judgment free zone. I respect your time, your space, and your privacy and I value open and honest communication. 

Example, I will be 100% honest with you right now... I'm an esthetician. I'm going to talk to you about skin care. I will recommend products or services that I believe will help keep you looking your best and I will share helpful skincare information from time to time. I can't help it, it's gonna happen. However, PLEASE never feel pressured to purchase things that I talk about or show you. One of the reasons that I work for myself is because I  didn't like being pressured to meet sales quotas. And if I have a sample of something you'd like to try I'm happy let you try it. I am the least agressive sales person ever. Consider yourself warned and I hope we can still be friends. LoL

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Mary Hutchins

Hi! I'm Mary! A little about me...

I’ve been an esthetician since 2005 and have worked in just about every setting possible-salon/spa, laser center, dermatology, medical spa, etc. I love learning new things and meeting new people, so my career is pretty much perfect because it’s never the same day twice!

I decided back in 2015 that I wanted to work towards becoming an independent esthetician. I wanted more freedom with my schedule and I wanted to cherry pick the treatments and services that I really believe in and that make my clients happy. I didn’t like always feeling pressured to sell, sell, sell. So I joined a friend part time in her medical aesthetics suite and it was a perfect little business incubator for me. I developed my style of doing things and a menu of services and treatments that I felt confident in. Then in late 2016, my landlord/suite mate encouraged me to look into microblading, which I did!

 I had the pleasure of training with International Brow Design in Atlanta for my introductory microblading training and Wink Ink was born in 2017!

My husband and I lived in St. Louis from 2003 but decided in 2018 to relocate to Oklahoma City to be closer to my parents and extended family. Moving to another state and starting over as a self-employed business owner is scary, let me tell ya! The laws in Oklahoma are very strict with regard to Permanent Cosmetics & the state would not recognize my former training and/or my work experience. Talk about starting from scratch! I had to go back to school to complete an additional 300 hours of training in order to be legally certified in the state of Oklahoma. I was pretty upset about that.

I finished all of the training and licensure requirements in January 2020 and began looking for a suitable workspace... aaaaand then COVID-19 showed up. After taking some additional time to see how things play out I decided that with the right precautions I could open and operate safely. I have been fortunate to find the perfect space in a local dental office! Dana Price Dental

Why am I located in a dental office? You can read the answer here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page, to the heading Permanent Cosmetics- Oklahoma Regulations)

It’s so exciting and liberating to be in control of my own business & I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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