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What is Microblading??

Microblading is a form of tattooing. Instead of using a machine with automated needles, we use a “blade” made of several aligned needles. It looks something like an Exacto knife. The needles are dipped into pigment and pulled across the skin to produce the fine, hairlike strokes that microblading is known for. Microblading does NOT produce a solid, opaque brow…sometimes known as a ‘powder brow’.


First things first… we take a before photo for reference and, if you agree to allow it, to post on social media and/or on our website. Next we draw in your brow shape andmake sure you are comfortable with the placement, thickness, etc before we move on with the procedure. The pigment is hand-mixed to ensure that it matches your hair and undertones for a truly bespoke brow. At this point we apply a strong topical numbing agent to keep you comfortable. During the numbing period (about 30 minutes) we have plenty of time to go over the aftercare instructions and answer any questions that you may have before the procedure actually begins.

The hairstrokes are placed into the skin with a ‘scratching’ motion. Most clients don’t feel a thing, but even if they do it’s very minimal. We generally do 3-4 passes total. If you need more numbing product during the subsequent passes, all you have to do is ask. We want to keep you as comfortable as possible! After we are satisfied with how the brows look, we take some after pics, we schedule your Perfecting Session in 30 days, and you are sent home with everything you need to care for your new brows!

Easy peasy!

Before your appointment:

If you are seriously considering having your brows microbladed, there are a few things you should consider before making your appointment:

  • No chemical exfoliants (glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), salicylic acid, retinol, retin-a, etc) may be used for 1 week prior to your appt.
  • No Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen, blood thinners, or fish oil for 2 weeks prior to microblading. Even some cholesterol medications that prevent clotting may need to be paused.
  • People with thyroid problems will need more frequent touch-ups.
  •  If you've had a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in the past, it must be at least 80% faded before we can attempt to Microblade over it.

After your appointment:

You'll be given a kit that contains everything you need to take care of your brows. Aftercare is relatively simple.

The day of your procedure you'll wipe your brows with sterile cotton moistened with water and apply a thin layer of Aquaphor ointment. (All of these items are included in your kit) You'll do this every 2 hours for the first day. 

After the first day, you only need to cleanse your brows and apply Aquaphor twice a day. The Aquaphor serves 2 purposes (1) forms a barrier against dust, debris, makeup, etc. and (2) keeps the area moist and prevents scabbing.

During the healing process, there are things that you'll need to avoid:

  • Scratching or picking of any kind! Brows can itch or get flaky during the days following your procedure. The best thing to do is apply some extra Aquaphor. If you're experiencing a lot of itching an ice pack can help.
  • Heavy sweating. Ladies, I know how much you love hot yoga, but sweat contains a lot of oil and salt. Both of which will pull pigment out of your new brows.
  • Sun exposure- indoor or outdoor will fade the color in your brows. While your brows are healing sun exposure is a big no-no. Always apply sunscreen when going outdoors. Even after healing is complete, you will need touch-ups more often if you spend time in the sun.
  • Heavy cleaning. Yayyy!! Finally a good excuse to put off cleaning out the basement/ garage/ shed. Avoid anything that involves dust, dirt, debris flying around. Keep those brows clean!
  • Smoking and/or drinking heavily will cause you to heal more slowly. Just FYI- no judgement.

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