Firefly Permanent Jewelry

We are a hybrid business... We are a permanent jewelry studio located inside a tranquil spa in NW OKC. We are available for walk-ins or appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. We are also a mobile and pop-up business! You'll find us out and about at markets, boutiques, and private events on the weekends.

Located inside Hairplay Spa at 8405 N Rockwell Ave.  Suite 6, OKC,  73132 We are in the same shopping center as Target, Ulta, Joann, and Petsmart. Keep going past those businesses on your left, the YMCA will be further back to the left, and you'll see some businesses to your right. AquaTots has the biggest sign, which makes it easiest to spot. We are right next door at 8405-6.

Would you like to add an elegant touch to your next gathering? Private parties are the best! There's no upfront cost to you and a low minimum guest requirement. Contact us today at 405-509-5062 or send an inquiry through our contact portal.

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We want you to have the best experience with us! Look over the following FAQ's and let us know if you have further questions. We are happy to handle any questions or special requests!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is chain jewelry (bracelets, anklets, necklaces, etc) that is custom fit and welded to itself using a small link that matches the chain. Nothing is embedded into or attached to your skin. We use a small pulse-arc micro welder, which takes just a few minutes to complete!

Custom fit jewelry is the most comortable jewelry you'll ever wear! 

We have a lovely selection of chain- we carry over 40 different styles in different price points as well as a gorgeous selection of charms and connectors. 

Why is PJ so popular?

A few reasons that we hear from clients all the time...

~ Think of this as the grown-up version of friendship bracelets. It's like getting a tattoo together, but no needles or pain!

~ We are all so busy. This is an easy way to leave the house looking polished on the daily!

~ Do you have tiny wrists or perhaps larger wrists/ankles? It can be hard to get a comfortable fit with conventional (clasped) jewelry, this is custom fit to your body and feels as light as air.

~ An endless chain can represent a bond of love, friendship, or to remember a loved one who is missed. 

Does it hurt?

NO! The spark that is created doesn't create heat, just a bright light. A small leather patch is placed between your skin and the weld point. This keeps your skin protected from feeling the "tingle" of the electrical ground. 

100% painless, guaranteed.

What if I need to remove it?

Your jewelry will stay on until you're ready to remove it. 

If you have an MRI or other medical procedure where jewelry must be removed, the welded link is easily snipped with scissors or fingernail clippers. As long as the chain is intact, re-welding is no problem! 

Your first re-weld is free. After that it's just $10 +tax.

Will I need to remove it at the airport?

This is fine jewelry, so no need to remove it for TSA, etc. 

What if it breaks?

No worries! Hang on to the chain and text or call for a re-weld appointment. The first repair is free, after that, reattachment is just $10. You can come to the spa or catch up with me at an event. I usually post my event schedule at the beginning of each m onth, but you're welcome to text me anytime.

Sometimes chain will stretch, this is normal. If you need a size adjustment, contact us for a re-fit. No charge within 30 days.

*We are unable to warranty lost or damaged pieces.

How long does it last?

This depends on your activity level, lifestyle, etc., as well as the style of chain you choose. For most, your permanent jewelry will last until you decide to remove it- months or years. This is fine jewelry so, even though it is welded, it is not indestructible! 

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final once chain is cut. Please keep this in mind when making your selection or gift certificate purchase.

What metals do you offer?


I  recommend 14k for permanent jewelry, for obvious reasons. However, I do also carry Sterling Silver and Gold Filled chain. 

Sterling Silver will last 1-2 yrs because it's very soft.

Gold Filled will last 1-3 years. 

14k is the OG permanent jewelry metal. Will last 10+ years. 

*pricing subject to change as market prices fluctuate.

Filled vs Plated

Before I started learning about permanent jewelry, I didn't know the difference between gold PLATE, gold VERMEIL, and gold FILLED. 

Gold plate is a microscopic layer of gold that is electrically bonded to a base metal. It's about 1/10 the width of a human hair! No wonder it rubs off in a few weeks. 

Vermeil is also a thin layer of gold, but instead of covering a cheap alloy base metal, it's applied over Sterling Silver. It can last longer than plated metal, and is better for those with sensitive skin, but won't be as resilient as Gold Filled.

Gold Filled is much thicker, as you can see in the graphic above. It will keep its luster for much longer, so it's a good option for those who aren't ready to invest in 14k. 

Your location or ours!

Booking NOW for private events and popups!

~ Ladies Night, Sip'n Shop... Bridal shower, Sorority events, Bachelorette, Customer Appreciation- you name it!

I can coordinate with other vendors too... chair massage, boutique clothing, Botox- let us bring the party!

Book Now! or text Mary for questions @ 405-509-5062

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