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First of all- Thank you for taking a few minutes to check out my site!

My goal is to provide exceptional services in a cozy, intimate setting. My background is in Aesthetics but I also love doing Permanent Cosmetics! Whether you’re here to get a facial, a chemical peel, a lash lift, or for a whole new set of brows or eyeliner- know that I take your health and safety into account just as much as your comfort and privacy.

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Mary Hutchins

Hi! I'm Mary with Wink Ink! A little about me...

I’ve been an aesthetician since 2005 and have worked in just about every setting possible-salon/spa, laser center, dermatology, medical spa, etc. I love learning new things and meeting new people, so my career is pretty much perfect because it’s never the same day twice!

I decided back in 2015 that I wanted to work towards becoming an independent aesthetician. I wanted more freedom in my schedule and more freedom to perform the services that I really believe in and that make my clients happy. I didn’t like always feeling pressured to sell, sell, sell. A friend and mentor encouraged me to look into microblading and I decided to go for it. Deciding to learn microblading was a huge step- but so worth it! I had the pleasure of training with International Brow Design in Atlanta.  My instructor has won national recognition in the industry and has become a friend. Such a confidence builder to learn from the best!

You may have noticed that I talk about Oklahoma and Missouri a lot here on my site. I divide my time between St. Louis and Oklahoma City. My husband and I lived in St. Louis from 2002 but decided in 2019 to relocate to Oklahoma City to be closer to my parents and extended family. Moving to another state and starting over as a self-employed business owner is scary, let me tell ya! The laws in Oklahoma are very strict with regard to Permanent Cosmetics & they would not recognize my former training and/or my work experience. Talk about starting from scratch! I had to go back to school with a state recognized instructor in order to be legally certified in the state of Oklahoma. So, I consider myself double educated! 

I finished all of the training and licensure requirements in January 2020 and began looking for a suitable workspace aaaaand then COVID_19 showed up. Uninvited, I might add! After taking some additional time to see how things play out I decided that with the right precautions I could open and operate safely, so I resumed my search for a location and am proud to announce that I'll be opening in Oklahoma City in September 2020! Finally!

It’s so exciting and liberating to be in control of my own business & I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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