Why train with us?

Mary has over 13 years experience as an aesthetician and has a wealth of knowledge to share. She is patient, friendly, and systematic in her approach to teaching. She has been in a solo setting since 2016 and has been very successful. The best trainers are those who are actively working in the industry & Mary is widely recognized as a local authority on microblading, not to mention her vast experience in skincare. 

Our class sizes are kept small to facilitate focused learning while allowing each student to get the attention they need. Students aren't rushed through material, rather the pace is determined by the flow of the class. One on one training is also available.

Microblading training is very intense. Local training is preferable because students aren't focused on getting around in an unfamiliar city, sleeping in a strange bed, finding space to work on homework, etc. Get the most out of your training dollars by setting yourself up for success, train with Wink Ink!

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Fundamentals of Microblading

Easily our most popular training program! Our program is a 3 day program held in our airy and spacious studio in downtown St. Louis. 

Each student receives a starter kit (valued at over $500) containing enough supplies and product to complete at least 10 brow clients. We start our students out with an industry leading pigment line and blades- no off brands or cheap junk that you'll have to replace in a month. 

You'll have 2 full days of theory in the fundamentals of microblading, and homework each evening. It's an intensive course but you'll be ahead of the game with a strong foundation in brow micropigmentation! On the third day we'll do a review and certification test before you work on your model. You'll receive a certificate to show your clients that you care enough to learn microblading the right way! 

You will have access to Mary for support after the class as well. In fact, we encourage our students to stay in touch- send photos of your work for constructive criticism and help with questions or troubleshooting. 

Please contact us any time to inquire about upcoming training dates!

Aesthetic Training

Getting your aesthetician's license is exciting but soon you realize that there's so much that you don't know. It can be overwhelming to think about traveling to another city and shelling out big bucks to learn a new skill. Training is an investment in yourself and your business, but the price tag shouldn't feel like a punch in the stomach. (We'll leave that to Uncle Sam) We try to keep our training prices affordable and competitive so that you are assured a great training experience as well as a good value for your money. 

We currently offer training in Dermaplaning, Advanced Exfoliation, Brow/Lash Tinting, as well as Lash Lifting featuring the Curl Perfect Lash Lift from Sugarlash. 

In general, aesthetic trainings are best in a one on one setting. If you have more than one aesthetician at your facility & want to add new services, increase confidence, or improve the client experience we can definitely accommodate! We can work at your space or ours.

Please feel free to reach out at the above contact info regarding pricing and scheduling. 


"Mary has created a wonderful esthetic practice with her attention to detail, high standards, and creative talent. As a medispa owner, we have used her training services with our estheticians and found her training to be impeccable and worth every penny. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and an ability to fine-tune training to individual needs."   - J.S. with Aesthetic Nirvana

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